This week on Ask Chef, I am showing you the kitchen equipment I use daily both at work and in my home. These are essential items to have in the kitchen and you can find most of them at Budget Food Equipment – a local small business!



Here’s the list of items & their uses:

  • Paring knife; curved or straight – meant for slicing up handheld items like apples or oranges.
  • A tomato knife with a serrated edge.
  • Boning knife; as used in our Traditional Ham Recipe; to get around a bone when cutting it out, it is a very flexible knife
  • Bread knife; to cut through those crusty rolls fresh from the bakery.
  • Fileting knife; perfect for fileting salmon or cutting up vegetables.
  • Soft slicing knife; for slicing ham or roast beef.
  • 8in & 9in French knifes for chopping vegetables.
  • 8in Santoku vegetable knife; this knife doesn’t allow vegetables to stick to the edges when cutting.
  • Slicing knife; for your roast beef buffet
  • Kitchen fork; for helping lift a turkey or roast out of the pan and onto the cutting board.
  • Steal; this brings the edge back of your knife – if you have dents in your knife, you need to sharpen it first, than bring the edge back with a steal.
  • Peelers; great for vegetables, make sure to peel away from yourself (not towards).
  • Bone pilers; great for getting salmon or turkey bones out.
  • Microplane; great for grating or zesting.
  • Wooden spoon & spatula with long handles to avoid heat.
  • Whisk
  • Taco holders; kids love these!
  • Apple corer; cuts and peels it at the same time (purchase online)
  • Live edge charcuterie boards; we have available for sale, contact us!


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