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Take Home Dinners are Back!!

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The City of Surrey has banned the use of plastic bags and single-use items and have implemented a $0.25 charge per paper bag. Starting Tuesday, March 29th we will no longer have plastic bags available. Instead, we will have paper bags available for $0.25, you are welcome to order without the purchase of a paper bag!

Fresh food, fast.

Our Red Seal chefs take a break from catering and make lunchtime meals using only the freshest ingredients. Nothing here is premade and the taste speaks for itself.


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Ritz Blog & Recipes

Ask Chef: Beef Dip

Every wonder how our beef dip gets made?? Our beef dip is super popular on the menu! Here’s how you can make it right at home! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE What you’ll need: Leftover roast beef (thinly sliced) Beef gravy Baguette (sliced open) Garlic butter Mozza...
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Ask Chef: Seafood Platter

This week on Ask Chef, I’m sharing a short tutorial on how you can place together a beautiful seafood platter this New Years eve. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE Here’s what I included: Ahi tuna (uncooked) Ahi tuna marinade (1/2 cup dark soy, 2 tbsp rice wine...
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Ask Chef Series: Beef Stew

WATCH THE VIDEO Here’s what you need: Oven safe pan 2 tbsp olive oil, heat the pan 2 onions (diced) 1 tbsp garlic Stewing beef Red wine (to deglaze) 3 jumbo carrots (diced) 4 celery stalks (diced) 6 large potatoes (diced) 1 tbsp rosemary 4 bay leaves 1 litre...
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We are open from 10:00AM until 2:00PM. Tuesday through Friday.

We are tucked behind the Mazda dealership, just off Highway 10.